Traditionally men do not wear makeup, but that’s why we have beards! Warm, stylish, and versatile, it’s no wonder beards are back in style. But like any other part of your body, you get what you put in. Caring for your facial hair is best done with a good razor that fits your needs.

This razor shaves close and smooth and offers everything you'd expect from a double edge and then some. The grip is great and feels well-balanced. Less than $20 but handles and feels like a razor at a much higher price point. WEISHI edges out the competition by upping the quality for the price.

No list of razors is complete without an entry by Gillette so here is the best they have. Five precision blades, lubrication, and a flex ball for pristine mobility during the shave. This is a great option for trimming around the nose and other hard-to-reach places.

Simply put, everyone needs a stockpile of cheap disposable single blades. They will never be the number one option, but they get the job done and can be bought in quantity for practically nothing. BIC’s Sensitive single blades get the nod over the competition because they are just a tad bit kinder to the skin.

A great wet shaver for a first timer. Also another safety blade, but at a higher price point. This razor is more maneuverable than other wet shavers and has a great grip. In general, the Merkur is very similar to the WEISHI, just slightly better and more expensive.

This razor is an absolute steal. You have to sign up for the Dollar Shave Club to get this guy, but that’s not a bad thing at all. With six blades, lubricated, and a trimmer edge, the Executive is built to shave quickly and comfortably.

A disposable razor of higher quality, the nice ergonomic handle and three blades ensures a smooth experience. There is added value in the overall package. Each purchase comes with 12 cartridges and a replacement handle.

German engineered for precision, this razor is hefty on the wallet, but a worthy investment. Definitely the most precise razor on the list. From the handle to blade, the pristine hand-crafted quality is easy to feel. No blade felt better on the skin or in the hand. The cherry on top? This razor is cruelty-free, and sulfate, fragrant and colorant-free. Basically, guilt-free…but it’s not monetarily-free unfortunately.

“These razors are nice and all, but I have curly rough hair and it causes too many problems.” You’re in luck! Bevel engineered this single-blade razor for all the curly-haired people of the world. However, if your hair is normal there are better options out there. Definitely a blade with a particular niche in mind.

True art in a razor! The built-in micro pulsation technology made shaving feel like painting with a paint brush. It was effortless. Most flex-balls don’t work properly every single time, but this one did, there was no hesitation in movement, and the hair offered no resistance.

This is another steal. There is a lot of technology stuffed in this $9 razor and it works great. The pressure-sensing technology and the slight skin-energizing lubricant stand out. The blade feels okay and isn’t too hard to move around, but for the price there isn’t much to complain about.

If money is no issue The Art of Shaving is the easy choice. The sheer quality is undeniable. The best value has to be the Dollar Shave Club Executive. Finding a razor of that quality for $5 is ridiculous.

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