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Your garage can serve many purposes other than just a parking spot. The space is perfect for storage and even as your own personal workshop. But garage doors are notoriously drafty, which can make spending time inside them a lot harder. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by adding insulation to your garage door. These kits are the best choices to get the job done.

Radiant barriers are highly reflective materials (generally made of aluminum) that are used to block the radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it like fiberglass insulation. When it comes to insulating your garage door, reflective garage door insulation will typically feature one or two layers of reflective barrier and an "air space" layer, sometimes made of bubble wrap.

One of the most common types of insulation is foam. There is spray foam, which you simply spray onto your garage door and allow it to dry. Spray foam insulation isn't the best option for garage doors, but it is the easiest to use and it is also the cheapest option. Rigid foam, or foam core, is an insulation made from styrofoam. This lightweight material has the benefit of being incredibly user-friendly and is used in the best foam garage door insulation kits. 

Fiberglass is a common material used in home insulation, so it only makes sense that it works just as good for your garage door. This durable construction substance has a very high R-value, which means it works incredibly well as an insulator. The biggest drawback of fiberglass insulation kits is that the material can be messy to use in your home. 

This low thermal material is entirely organic, made from plant fibers like cotton. Although implementation is relatively newer than other materials, many experts believe that cellulose is a better insulator than fiberglass and is much easier to install. The only downside to cellulose is that it is an expensive material, and costs can quickly add up for larger projects. 

The incredibly popular Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit is produced by a company called Atlas. Located in Byron Center, Mich., the company has plants all across the United States. The Atlas Molded Products company was first founded in the 1960s and is now one of the largest EPS producers in the world. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) produces numerous different product for home use. Since its inception in 1958, the scientists at NASA have done countless studies and tests, and on occasion, it makes its technology available to the public. The NASA Tech Garage Door Insulation Kit is well-researched and a great product.  

Reach Barrier is known for making low-cost and well-manufactured products. The company is a leading researcher of barrier products and energy reducing materials. All of its products are also made in the United States, and its radiant barriers are 100 percent recyclable. Its most popular product is the cost-effective Barrier 3009.

The outer layer of your insulation does a lot of the heavy lifting in keeping the outdoor climate away from your garage. Radiant barriers are incredibly effective at keeping the heat and humidity out, and they rely solely on an effective outer layer. Even other types of insulation require a good heat shield for maximum performance. 

The whole point of buying a garage door insulation kit is to be able to DIY. There are numerous ways that insulation can be held up, and this also has a huge impact on your installation process. Clips and tape can be messy or not come with enough supplies while tucking insulation into the door's frame only works with certain types of doors. 

Garage doors come in a range of shapes and sizes. While most insulation kits give you the option of cutting and trimming the panels to size, there's a lot to consider in the work required to get the desired outcome. Radiant barriers are much easier to customize, while thicker panels might be too difficult.

The best garage door insulation panels are made by Matador. This company has a reputation for creating user-friendly and high-quality products. As you can see from the Matador garage door insulation kit reviews, this product is incredibly popular with first-time users and repeat customers alike. 

The feature that sets this product apart from its competition is how it is installed. The Matador garage door insulation kit simply needs to be cut to size and then relies on the door rails to keep it in place. This gives the polystyrene door panels a clean finish with minimal effort. The laminated exterior is also very easy to clean, and the finish is highly impact-resistant. 

Despite having the best garage door insulation kit reviews, the Matador insulation has surprising negative features. This insulation actually has the lowest R-value compared to the other options on this list. The product also only covers a small surface area, so multiple car garages would require a lot of product to complete.

The most cost-effective option for insulating your garage is the Reach Barrier. This product is a radiant barrier that benefits from being lightweight and easy to customize. The garage door insulation kit comes with eight pre-cut insulation panels that can be trimmed with just a utility knife and straight edge.

The Reach Barrier's most notable feature is its price. It can insulate a steel garage door at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. The outer layer is made of a unique reflective polyethylene material that can block up to 95 percent of reflecting heat. The reflective barrier and bubble layer adhere to the door with five sticky pads that come included with the kit.

Despite being the best garage door insulation for heat and cold weather, the Reach Barrier may not be the right choice for you. The surface of the door panels cannot be painted, so depending on how you like the look of the material, that could be a big drawback. Also, because of the trimming that is required, it can be a messier installation compared to others.

Owens is one of the most well-known names when it comes to insulation. The Owens Corning insulation kit is a popular product because of its effective weatherproofing and ease of installation. This is also the only product on our list that provides soundproofing to your garage door. 

The Owens Corning insulation has an R-8 rating, which is one of the highest grades any insulation can have. The garage door insulation kit can handle both warm and cold seasons while saving you money on heating (or cooling) costs. The fiberglass sections are easy to install, only requiring basic tools to get the job done. 

This excellent insulation product does have a few faults. This insulation kit is the only one on our list that requires a garage door to have some form of insulation already before it can be used. Some users say there are not enough clips included with the purchase, and sometimes the tape will not hold on very hot days. 

A: There are many different ways that garage door insulation works, so it's hard to pinpoint one material as being better than another. Any garage door insulation kit you buy should maintain a barrier between your home and the outdoors and slow the conductive heat flow. 

A: An R-value or R-rating is how the thermal resistance of a material is rated. It judges how the insulation reacts to changes in temperature and takes into account the thickness, density, and moisture accumulation of the materials used. 

A: Depending on what type of insulation you purchase for your garage door, there are a few common ways it can be installed. Each kit will come with the supplies needed to install your insulation. Foam board brands often use adhesive tape and retainer clips. It's often required that you cut pieces so they correctly fit your door's size and shape.

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A less expensive, but no less effective, insulator is the Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit. 

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