Last month (March) saw “mostly positive” numbers for sales of new agricultural tractors and combine harvesters in the US. However, total retail sales in Canada did not fare nearly as well.

That’s according to the most recent report from the North American Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

“We saw positives and negatives to March’s sales numbers of agricultural tractors and combines,” explained Curt Blades, AEM’s senior vice president of agricultural services.

While total new tractor sales in the US were actually down 0.2%, he explained that “trade uncertainties and the implementation of the US Farm Bill continue to weigh heavily on the minds of the AEM’s members and its customers”.

Looking at the report in more detail, total 2WD tractor sales across the US experienced a 0.3% drop in March (compared to March 2018).

However, under-40hp and 100hp+ tractor categories both saw growth (0.2% and 4.8%, respectively). These increased sales were overshadowed by a 3.3% drop in the 40-100hp category.

Total sales of new 4WD tractors across the US experienced 13.4% growth in March (compared with March 2018). Bear in mind that, in the US (in this context), the term ‘4WD tractor’ refers to big, articulated-chassis, equal-sized wheel tractors.

This table and graph (below) show the data in greater detail. Source: Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

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Meanwhile, Canada saw growth in only under-40hp tractors (13.1% growth), 40-100hp tractors (3.5% growth) and total 2WD tractors (0.8% growth). Declines were seen in other categories.

It’s worth noting that the AEM ‘Ag Tractor and Combine Report’ is derived from member companies through proprietary statistical reporting programs. The data is provided by AEM members; it represents preliminary retail sales of agricultural equipment. RELATED STORIES Table: How did new tractor sales fare in the US last year?

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