Ben Gurion Airport features a digital clock on a massive screen. However, this digital clock is created using real cars. The locations of the vehicles in a gym are changed every minute, so the current time is transferred to the guests at the airport.

Watches are important products that have been in our lives for many years. The clocks, which helped us to understand which part of the day we were in, used to hang more on our walls in the past, but the need for wall clocks decreased from day to day with the spread of smartphones.

Now we will talk about the most interesting digital clock in the world. This digital clock is created by real cars parked. As the minutes pass, vehicles are moved and this situation is repeated continuously. Moreover, this digital clock is reflected on a huge screen at Ben Gurion Airport through a bird’s eye view camera.

Digital clock created from parked vehicles As a matter of fact, this project was already done by “Matchbox” toys in the past periods. Matchbox is the general name for almost matchbox-sized toy cars, which we can see in many toy shops today. Now the project, which was once made with toy cars, is being brought to life again with real cars.

The vehicles in question are located in a gym near the airport. As the minutes pass, the vehicles are moved and the current time is transferred to the guests at Ben Gurion Airport. So who is doing such a thing? In fact, we can say that the answer to this question is full of many mysteries.

Some people think that the only purpose of implementing such a project is to attract attention. Some say that this project is funded by Skoda and the main purpose is advertising. However, this approach is unlikely to reflect the truth because the vehicles that make up the watch include brands such as Ford and Opel, apart from Skoda.

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