Exciteable Edgar soft toys from the John Lewis Christmas advert have sold out in Norwich Credit: Archant

The department store's advert was released on Thursday, but the plush toy of Edgar, priced at £15, has already sold out at the Norwich branch in All Saints Green.

A sign next to the merchandise stand, which also includes children's wellies and pyjamas, says: "We have currently sold out of Excitable Edgar.

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A member of staff said they are expecting new stock on Monday morning, but couldn't confirm due to high demand for the toy across all stores.

Waitrose at the Eaton Centre had a fresh order on Sunday morning and a customer reported around 20 in stock at 10am.

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The advert tells the story of the adorable green dragon Excitable Edgar who can't control his fire-breathing and is alienated by the residents in his snowy hometown.

However, thanks to the help of a little girl he wins the hearts of them by lighting their Christmas pudding.

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