If you're looking to get a new surveillance system, well, Annke has some products you may want to check out. The company is offering two sets of cameras, each of which comes with a DVR and a bunch of weatherproof security cameras. Pricing for each set starts at way below $200, and we'll talk about each of them separately.

The first set (3MP) includes four 1080p cameras, and a DVR, while it's priced at $169.99. Now, if you need more cameras, that's not a problem, as a 9-in-1 setup is also available, with eight cameras. If you opt to get those extra cameras, the price tag for this setup will jump up to $299.99. Do keep in mind that neither of these setups includes hard drives, but you can get one via Annke if you want, the company is offering 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB variants.

These cameras are meant to be mounted on a ceiling (though you can hook them up on a wall as well), and they come with a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor, so that you can avoid false alarms. These cameras can note every human movement without a problem, notes Annke. You can even warn off intruders with Flashing Light Alarm, if you want.

H.265+ video compression is available as part of this package, and it saves space on the hard drive, saves quite a bit of space, actually. Annke says that these cameras can bring up to 100ft/30m night vision in "super clarity", so you can use them 24/7 if you want.

This surveillance system can be connected via the company's Annke Vision application, so you can get alerts when the PIR detection is triggered, while you can also get instant e-mail alerts with snapshots as well. These cameras are IP67 certified, and they can operate on temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140 °F.

The other set of cameras (3MP 8CH) is also priced at $169.99, and it also includes four cameras, and a DVR kit. These cameras look a bit different, and are meant to be installed on either a wall or a ceiling. This set can be expanded to eight cameras as well, and if you do that, the price tag will jump up to $279.99. This setup comes without a hard drive as well, but you can add a 1TB unit via Annke's official listing if you want.

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The feature set of this setup is actually quite similar to the one we already talked about. PIR detection is a part of the package, as is H.265+ video compression. These cameras also come with a night vision capability, and can provide you with clear footage up to 30 meters. IP67 certification is included here as well, and you can hook these cameras up to the Annke Vision application as well.

If you'd like to purchase either of these two camera setups, you can do that via links provided down below. Those links also contain detailed specifications for each camera setup, if you'd like to know more about each of them.

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